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My name is Kim Carnes and I would be honored to inspect your home. I have been building and inspecting homes, condos, and construction work most of my life.  I look forward to helping you better understand your home with a complete and honest inspection.

My process is not like many of the larger companies. Many home inspectors walk through the house with an inspection checklist and are done in no time at all. My inspections often take 3-5 hours and I welcome you to join me in the process so I can answer any questions you may have about the house inspection or items I mark down on my home inspection report.


I will go out of my way to ensure you feel comfortable about the home inspection process.  I want you to understand what we look for in a home inspection, how I complete the inspection, I want to leave you with a better understanding of what problems may be present and what problems may arise so you can make informed decisions.  I will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Come with me, call me afterwards with questions, call me in two years for advice on replacing light fixtures, call me in ten years to inspect your house before you sell it, call me whenever you have a questions about your home, because once you are a customer…you are a customer for life!



  • Certified Professional Inspector (CPI)

  • Dual BPI Certification for Energy Efficiency Testing Protocols

  • Qualify for InterNACHE $10,000 Honor Guarantee

  • Licensed Home Inspector by the Great State of Indiana

  • Member of InterNACHE, the largest Home Inspector Organization

  • Member of MIBOR Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors

  • IAC2 Certified - International Association of Certified Indoor AirConsultants

  • Licensed WDI Category 12 (termites) by the State Chemist Office of Indiana

  • Certified and Licensed Inspector for (IHCDA) Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority

Most importantly I have been around construction nearly my entire life. I have been a part of the construction, remodeling, renovation, inspecting, repairing, buying, and selling of nearly every sort of structure, both residential and commercial. From modular homes to multi-million dollar homes, apartments, office buildings, and even retail buildings, I have extensive knowledge about the construction process and how the insides of a building work. Have a question about the home inspection process or what we look for in a home inspection? Give me a call. I am more than happy to walk you through what to look for in a home inspection and how you can be sure that your house has been thoroughly checked by a qualified inspector. My job is not done until you are satisfied and comfortable with the inspection process.

Kim Carnes is dual BPI certified as a Building Analyst Professional and Envelope Professional! The Building Performance Institute, or BPI, certifies professionals in the field of energy efficiency.  Whether a home was built before energy efficiency was common practice or a home was built and proper energy efficiency steps were not taken, a certified BPI professional can give you the information that you need to analyze the energy consumption that your home or potential home might have.  Certification involves rigorous classroom and field work training and tests to make sure that BPI certified professionals meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) testing protocols. More information can be found on the BPI Website or by going to

So What Does This Mean For You?
Whether you are looking to improve energy efficiency in your home, check the energy efficiency in your home, or want to make sure that the new home you are buying doesn't have any energy efficiency issues that will cost you quite a bit of money down the road, I am certified to inspect for proper energy efficiency.  



Contact Me

15139 Derby Ct. Carmel, IN 46032

(317) 753-7098

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