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Here is a list of the home maintenance items that you should take care of each year as it starts to cool down in the fall or winter.

1. Furnace - Schedule annual furnace inspection and cleaning 
2. Duct Dampers - Adjust as needed for heating your home 
3. Landscaping - Fall landscaping plan
4. Exterior Hoses - Drain, detach, and store hoses/hose bibs to prevent freezing and bursting. Drain sprinkler system if applicable 
5. Roof - Inspect for damaged shingles, trim trees and inspect vents.
6. Plumbing - Check toilets for stability and leaks, clean drains with baking soda
7. Garage Door - Lubricate moving parts with spray lubricant
8. Septic System - Have septic tank pumped annually, check drain field for flooding or odor



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