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Here is a list of the home maintenance items that you should take care of each year as it starts to warm up.

1. Air Conditioner - Schedule yearly service call 
2. Bathroom - Check for mold and mildew, clean fans, check toilet stability and for leaks
3. Basement - Check for leaks, mold, and or mildew 
4. Attic - Check vents to make sure they are uncovered. Check for possible leaks 
5. Water Heater - Drain and clean to remove sediment as recommended by manufacturer 
6. Dehumidifier - Start as needed in basement, clean if needed 
7. Sump Pump - Be sure it is working properly before the rain begins
8. Crawl Space - Check insulation and vapor barrier, check for rodents or insects
9. Deck - Pressure wash and seal as recommended by manufacturer (usually every year or every two years)
10. Landscaping - Begin pruning, planting, mulching, per landscaping plan. Link to our Yard Work Section has useful information
11. Garage Door - Lubricate moving parts with spray lubricant as recommended by manufacturer



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