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Here is a list of the home maintenance items that you should mark off your checklist every six months.

1. Doors- Adjust exterior door thresholds so no light is visible below.  Lubricate sliding doors and apply paraffin to sliding tracks as needed.  Oil moving parts of your garage door with some sort of spray lubricant. 
2. Electric - Test and reset GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) outlets. Check caulking around exterior lights and electrical outlets.
3. Exterior - Check for cracks in exterior caulking and reapply caulk as needed. Check exterior paint for potential issues.
4. Plumbing - Perform water heater residue removal procedures as recommended by manufacturer. 
5. Air Conditioner - Check around exterior unit, make sure all debris is removed from around the unit and filter.
6. Windows - Check for cracks in caulking and reapply as needed.  Lubricate and clean window tracks.  Inspect screens for damage and repair or replace as needed.
7. Landscaping - Begin summer landscaping plan
8. Bathrooms - Check fans for mold/mildew and clean as needed.
9. Refrigerator - Clean coils



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