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What is included in a home inspection?

Home Inspection Checklist

This is one of the most common questions I hear from new home buyers. There is a checklist that most home inspectors will go through when doing a home inspection, but my inspections are much more thorough than just simply checking off boxes. I will take the time to go through the house to you and point out potential problems that some home inspectors might just breeze on by in an effort to finish their home inspection checklist and move on to the next house inspection.

Here is a brief checklist of what I look for in a home inspection: • Exterior - siding, flashing, trim, drainage issues, etc. • Roof - covering, gutters and downspouts, vents, chimney, etc. • Basement, foundation, crawlspace - mold, water damage, structural damage, etc. • Heating and Cooling - operation under normal conditions, operating controls, etc. • Electrical - Drop, meter, grounding, GFCI's, smoke detectors, etc. • Doors, windows, interior - operation, sensors, garage door, window seals, etc. • Plumbing - Water supply, shut off valve, pressure, water heater, drainage, sump pumps, tanks, etc. • Fireplace - damper, hearth, combustible materials, etc. • Attic, ventilation, insulation - Unfinished spaces, ventilation issues, trusses, wiring, etc.

For a more complete list feel free to check out our home inspection checklist page and as always, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about a home inspection in the Indianapolis Metro Area!

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